1. Only Harry Caray could do this win justice

It really happened.

Budweiser wanted to do something special, given this potential monumental event in Americana history. It made sense too, especially if you've got the cojones to put "America" on your can, you better do it right. We told Bud that the only way to break through the noise around this historic event, was to make a real-time video. It had to be the last out, called by none other than the Mayor of Rush Street, Harry Caray.

It was a mad scramble to get the footage ready for the 2 spots. It was going to be either a Cubs win or loss video. It could've easily been the Indians who won that night, but somehow, someway, it was a fairytale ending, for everyone. 

If I was some bigtime director, and people actually cared what I said, I'd dedicate this one to all the hardworking production crews out there. They make shit happen. 

2. If you want a salad, eat a salad

Crack Pie? Ramen? Perfectly fried chicken sammies?

The venerable David Chang took some time to talk with us about his philosophy on burgers, beer, and why the only thing that matters is deliciousness.

de·li′cious·ness n. Eating like no one’s watching.

3. America is in your hands

Taste like a golden shower?

Say what you want about Budweiser, but you can't deny its roots in Americana. From backyards to ballparks, Budweiser's woven into the quilt of our beautiful culture. People across the world look at a can of Bud and think "America."

So it only made sense that we put it on our cans.

From sea to shining sea, when you raise a can of Bud, you might as well be waving the American flag.

Here's to you America, damn you're beautiful!

4. For the love of beer

Near beer...pass?

Budweiser has always been focused on solving problems. In the 20s, when America was confronted by Prohibition, Bud invented a non-alcoholic beer so they could stay in business.
Now in 2016, when confronted with non-alcoholic beers that taste like garbage, they're drawing on their heritage to make one that actually tastes like beer.